We are a sourcing agent based in China & London who among a lot of passions, is dedicated to helping you get your products manufactured in China at lower prices which will help you with increasing your company’s revenue and profits by decreasing your marginal costs. If you are in search of reliable manufacturers in China that you can work with to get quality products made at an affordable price, then we are the ideal agent to talk to.
As a sourcing agent, there are a lot of things that sets us apart from our competition one of those which is top-notch service delivery. In addition, there are some key valuable traits and skills we have that sets us apart from our competitors including;
1. Full understanding of Chinese Suppliers
Our understanding of the local Chinese environment gives us an edge in that we know where to go and who to call when we need to get wholesale products manufactured regardless of the category.
2. Unmatched Experience
We have been sourcing products and connecting wholesellers and manufacturers for over 10 years something that has given us unmatched knowledge in the industry that simply means we will over deliver whenever called upon. In addition, we also have logistics and quality control experience which means we can both assess the quality of your manufactured products on your behalf and make sure that they are efficiently transported until they get to you.
3. Effective Communication
When you are getting [your products manufactured in a country with a robust manufacturing industry like that of China, you need to have effective communication channels in place. That’s why we have been improving our communication structures so that we will always be in touch with you every step of the way and communicate any changes on the go.
If you want to partner with us in getting your products manufactured in China, feel free to get in touch with us and let’s work out a plan to get things rolling.