Here are some commonly asked questions that will give you more insights with regards to how you can work with us.
Q: I have found a preferred manufacturer, can you still assist me?
A: In such a situation, we would be glad to link up and connect you to your preferred supplier. In fact, before connecting you with the supplier, as SPFC, we will do our due diligence by visiting your preferred supplier and seeing the quality of the products they manufacture and give you recommendations based on our findings.
Q: What are your full range of services if I want you to handle everything for me?
A: As SPFC, we will help you with everything from the very beginning. You’ll just have to give us your product specifications and we will dispatch our teams to go through the breadth of China in search of manufacturers who will deliver your product. When we agree on the supplier, we will come up with samples and production quotes.
Q: What information should I provide for you to get started?
A:For us to work together, you just have to give us your products specifications that will help us in searching for the best manufacturer you can work with.
Q; Do you source raw materials?
A: Yes, we have worked with a lot of companies in helping them source raw materials such as copper, aluminum, wood, and plastic.
Q: What are you in any other locations?
A: Apart from China, we also have operations in the United Kingdom.