China logistics

Logistics is one the most important parts of Importing and it can dramatically add to the cost if you dont have experience or don’t know the right place to go to. Freight forwarders most of the time will quote a price and later charge lots of hidden charges once they have recieved your goods. We can genuinely offer very competative prices without any hidden charges.


We can also cut many unnecassary costs such as deliverying by sea direct to the location or directly to Amazon FBA warehouse rather the sea port. Another important factor to consider when sending products to Amazon is that if any Custom Fees are pending before the goods arrive to amazon, amazon will refuse the package there and then, this wastes lots of time and money. We can clear customs here in China to cut out all the fuss and hassle and then we can deliver direct to Amazons door or any other location your goods are being delivered to. So why wait? Contact us now