Sourcing Agent China

Sourcing Agent? In order for your business to succeed it is vital to find a sourcing agent in China you can trust. Because without a Sourcing Agent you can encounter many problems in importing from China. Therefore We can fix those issues and be the pillar for your business!

What is a sourcing agent?

Sourcing agents provide a one-stop service for your international trade buying needs, including free sourcing, translation, price negotiating, buying, quality control, documents and shipping.
Because the aim is to make your buying, especially from countries like China easier, faster, cheaper and safer. We know that finding a product in China that will meet your quality and price expectations can be a daunting task.
Sourcing agents most importantly help you find capable, honest and reliable Chinese manufacturers delivering quality products at competitive prices.
Therefore they take the worry out of the process, so you don’t have to, giving you time to take care of other more important things and all for a minimal fee. In other words we can help you in every step of your business!

How Can A Sourcing Agent Help Me?

A sourcing agent acts a pillar in making your business run smoothly.
After all Importing from China is not an easy task to say the least. A sourcing agent can help you with every step of importing.
As well as a sourcing Agent ensuring a smooth procurement of products ordered.
Furthermore we visit the manufacturing plants, ensure background checks to verify the credibility and reliability of the manufacturer. we truly every step to ensure high quality and timely delivery of the goods. Things that alibaba dont offer.

What If I don’t Use A Sourcing Agent?

Without a sourcing agent you run a high risk of being scammed, receiving low quality goods and getting charged more then you should be paying.
Because we eliminate the hurdles like background checks, quality control checks, inspection service, customs issues and payment issues.

Supplier Verification & Price

Here at Sourcing Products From China we do not just work with one manufacturer, we source thousands of manufacturers. This means we get you the best quality and price, you get complete transparency with no hidden charges thus lets you purchase from multiple manufacturers anywhere in China and be able to combine and consolidate orders into one order. Saving you time, hassle and money. We verify the supplier to ensure the suppliers are genuine. Because we know how important your business is to you!

Research/ Negotiation

Sourcing is no easy task and it very time consuming, sourcing agents research the market and negotiate the best quality and best prices for our clients. Therefore Using a sourcing agent in China can save you tonnes of time! Afterall it is our fulltime job!

Product Knowledge / Market Knowledge

sourcingproductsfromchina have a vast amount of experience in many products from raw materials to electronics to make up. We have in house experts in each field who have vast knowledge about all sorts of products. They are constantly updating themselves to know the market.

Product Development

In house and talented designers and product experts our on hand to help you turn your ideas into reality.
Whether you have a new product idea that you would like us to help you develop, or are simply looking for a designer to design your product we can help you in fact we have helped many clients globally.

Quality Inspections & Quality Control

Our Inspectors can visit the manufacturers as well as checking the quality of the items for you. We do this by testing the product to be sure that you are recieving a high quality product. Therefore this takes out a lot of the guesswork. Because without testing the quality you may recieve a low quality item. Becuase we understand that this can ruin your reputation and even your business.

Product Compliance

We have a vast amount of experience in importing all over the world from China. Also We truly know which products require which certification. We will arrange all the correct compliance regulations for the country you are importing too.

Shipping & Logistics And Customs Clarence

The logistics part of importing is a complex one. In fact we have a vast amount of experience in dealing in logistics including big containers all over the world we can can help you with every aspect of logistics. Because logistics is not an easy task we can sort every aspect of logistics for you. As a matter of fact all these services go hand in hand to ensure the smooth running of your business.

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