If you are in the hunt for a quality sourcing agent in China that you can rely on and trust, then you need to work with SPFC. One thing that has to be noted though before you even think of looking for a sourcing agent is to understand what they are and exactly how they work.
A sourcing agent from a very basic definition and from how they operate and our own experience, is a person who lives in a particular region and country and connects entities in his/her resident region with those from other regions. Simply put, us as SPFC, we are a sourcing agent for wholesale products in China.
When you want products to import for sale into your own country, instead of wasting time by crossing over into China to do all your product sourcing by yourself, you can contact us so that we do it for you. Do to our experience, we can find better products that you can sell to make a profit in your home country. We will save you the hustle and get you quality products cheaply. For the products to reach you, we arrange with our shipping partners who will then handle all the logistics.
When it comes to working with sourcing agents, trust and accountability is key if you are to succeed. And we as a sourcing agent, strive to keep all our operations and the details involved as open as possible so that we safely and accurately guide you through your journey whenever you want to import products from China.